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Girls waiting for author reading

Girls eagerly waiting to hear Laurie read from The Traveler’s Tricks

Bagels and Books

Girls gathered on Sunday March 16 at Girl AGain to hear  American Girl mystery book author Laurie Calkhoven read from her newly published book, The Traveler’s Tricks, and to autograph copies.  The attentive audience also learned how Laurie researched the period of 1812 to be able to write authentically about stagecoach travel, and how she works with American Girl Publishing to create stories that are page-turners.  A number of girls were aspiring authors themselves and asked Laurie questions about her writing process.

Our guests enjoyed bagels and cream cheese, bananas and grapes, juice, gluten-free muffins and Hamentashen (a triangle shaped jam filled cookie eaten to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim).

Our Yes She Can volunteers helped to set up the room, arranged the food, greeted guests, took photos, sold raffle tickets, and helped to make sales in the boutique.

Before the reading began one savvy mom came into the boutique to shop for her daughters before the rush.  Many others came after the reading to buy outfits, dolls, furniture, and accessories.  Surprisingly, no one bought one of the new Caroline Abbott dolls (the character featured in The Traveler’s Tricks).  In fact, only one historic doll was purchased, whereas most of the “girls of today” (aka My American Girl) were grabbed up.  One lucky girl took home Chrissa, a girl of the year from 2009.  Since she was only available for one year there are not many of her available.  Chrissa was a girl who was bullied in her new elementary school.  Another shopper with a good eye took home a Pleasant Company Sugarplum Fairy ballet costume, a rare item.

All the parents were delighted with Girl AGain, and as they learned about our mission, they were even more impressed.

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Author Laurie Calkhoven

Laurie Calkhoven autographing her books

Laurie Calkhoven and Marjorie Madfis

Author Laurie Calkhoven and Yes She Can Inc. President Marjorie Madfis

Happy customers at Girl AGain

Happy customers at Girl AGain

Caroline (doll) listening to story

Caroline is enjoying listening to the mystery about her travels on the stagecoach.