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My daughter, Izzie, just turned 18 on May 9th.  Eighteen is a special number in Judaism: the 1 and 8 represent the Hebrew letters that mean “life”  (Chai).

Eighteen also means that in the US, Izzie is now considered an adult!  Hard to believe but true.  (As many of you know, our adult children with Autism don’t often behave like adults).  Although she can still be in school until age 21, I have been worrying about her life after high school since she was 12 years old. 

Since the options for adults with Autism are limited, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands.  I had been thinking about Girl AGain for many years but after attending the Autism Speaks town hall on autism employment entrepreneurship in NYC last summer I was motivated to start Yes She Can Inc.. After a 30 year career in corporate marketing I took the plunge into entrepreneurship.  I incorporated Yes She Can Inc. as a non-profit in November and opened Girl AGain boutique in February 2014.

Autism Speaks is supporting other autism employment entrepreneurs – and as soon as I get our 501c3  tax exempt status for Yes She Can Inc. I plan to apply for grants to Autism Speaks too.

To raise money for Autism Speaks I’ll be walking with my team on June 1st at the Westchester Fairfield walk.  This will be our 13th year since we started with NAAR.  We had been Isabelle’s Dream Team  but we renamed our team to Yes She Can to not only represent the name of our company but also the progress my daughter has made.

So I am asking if you would donate $18 in honor of Izzie to our Yes She Can team campaign. 

Follow This Link to visit our web page and help me in my efforts to support Autism Speaks

Marjorie’s page

Yes She Can Team page

Thank You and l’chiam.

Isabelle's Dream Team

Isabelle’s Dream Team. Our first year walking for National Alliance for Autism Research.