3:46 am:  woke up worrying about daughter’s education program and her regression due to lowered expectations and requirements, worried about how I will replace my IBM salary.  Thought about opening Girl Again, finding people to work there, and how I will have an income

6:30 am: turned on radio to listen to depressing news on NPR

6:49 am:  reviewed email and social media

7:15 am:  make coffee and empty dish washer, prepare chicken salad for lunch

7:50 am: at desk, respond to email and other work

8: 46 am: put on exercise clothes

8:50 am drive to Zumba class, arrive as they start first dance

9:04 to 10 am – Zumba!  (schivtzing)

10:16 head to New Rochelle to pick up doll clothes

11:06 am back at home office, at desk on call with insurance agent

11:24 am shower as fast as possible, no time to shave

11:40 am set table and prepare sandwiches for volunteers, ask daughter to help and get crap from her

12:00 noon surprise arrival of volunteers who were expected at 1 pm.  Ask them to join us for lunch

12:15 pm  the expected lunch guests arrive (mother and daughter) with cookies

12:30: my daughter becomes agitated and acts out in front of guests.  Lovely.

1:20 pm finish lunch and we move to family room to begin workshop; daughter storms off to bedroom

1:30 pm work with Dani at my husband’s computer, on how to research on the American Girl wiki and eBay; looking for fuzzy sweater.

1:42 pm  Sarah teaches my daughter how to create stop motion videos – they go off into another room while I have to download video software

1:59 pm working on competitive pricing of an outfit with Dani, teaching  how to make a judgement call

2:20 pm: identify more outfits, Dani decides to steam wrinkled dresses, set up new steamer

2:36 pm:  searching for matching shoes

2:40 pm: find another complete outfit and we agree on pricing

3:02 pm  daughter needs to upload video and we view accomplishment

3: 14 pm volunteers prepare to depart

3:30 pm I clean up lunch dishes

3:50 pm I check email and respond; I call Salvation Army to buy shelves I saw in window on Sunday.  They have been sold.  Talk to real estate agent and tell him insurance agent will be calling.  He wants to know the condition of the roof.

4:10 pm Drive daughter to her theater rehearsal  in Armonk.  A Chorus Line will be next weekend.

4:49 pm back at home office responding to email

5:22 pm  put meatloaf in oven, pour glass of wine.  YAY!

5:30 pm respond to email, change password since mom informed me that it seems my email has been hacked.

6:00 pm  planning to work on daughter’s IEP but distracted by social media

6:30 pm informed by husband that daughter wants to stay for second rehearsal so he comes home

6:55 pm  husband and I sit down for meatloaf and mashed potatoes dinner

7:15 pm I am back at desk responding to email, reading responses to request about web hosting options, sharing with my web “team” 

8:13 pm  decide it is time to watch Antiques Roadshow in my pajamas

I can’t remember what happened next.