On Monday November 18 I was so excited to submit my certificate of incorporation to New York State (they don’t offer online filing and only offered fax or mail as the way to file).  So, since I don’t have a fax machine, my husband faxed it from his office along with a form that included my credit card information and an authorization for an additional charge to cover a 24 hour turn around.  That meant I should have received my approval on Tuesday.  But Tuesday came and went and so did Wednesday.  I called Wednesday at 4:15 pm and was told by a clerk that they don’t take calls after 4:15 pm – call back tomorrow.  (Starting to sound like the Wizard of Oz).    So I call first thing Thursday morning and after several transfers learned that they rejected my filing because there was no backer.  I ask what is a backer, and they can’t explain.  But they did say they sent it back to me by mail.  WHAT?  I ask.  You couldn’t call me?  “We can’t call everyone”.  Right, but I specifically was paying to have my application expedited.  Doesn’t that qualify for a phone call?

So Thursday afternoon I received in the mail a letter from the New York Department of State Division of Corporations telling me that my expedited handling request for incorporation was being returned (by snail mail) because it needed a “backer” (which I learned is a one page sheet with my name and address and the company name on it).  

Why do they need this information on a 4th piece of paper since it was at the bottom of the 3rd page?  I would think Cesar Perales, Secretary of State, does not want to impede entrepreneurs from job creation, does he?  Maybe New York State is just too bureaucratic to deal with and I should instead go to Delaware, as recommended, to incorporate?


I feel like punishing NY State and not giving them my business…. but I know that would have no impact.  What can I say about this process but, MESHUGENAH

So now I am looking for a fax machine.

In the meantime, this morning I received an email from a woman I don’t know.  She must have seen my flyer promoting my new venture, Girl AGain, an American Girl resale boutique.

And here is what the email said:

“I was recently forwarded information about your American Girl boutique. Both my girls have since outgrown their American girl dolls (sniff sniff…), so I shared with them your request for donations, and asked if they would like to part with some of there stuff. They both agreed and then my-soon-to-be bat-mitzvahed 12 year old thought that she would like to help you for her mitzvah project (community service is part of the bat-mitzvah process). Both my husband and I are OT’s who work with children with disabilities. I have been working with children with ASD for over 30 years (started as a 13 year old volunteer at at camp for children with special needs), and I think your concept/idea/business model is such a fantastic idea, and it so important that this need be addressed.

Anyway, my daughter has always enjoyed coming to work with us and helping the students in the class/therapy gym, so I think helping you to raise awareness about creating and identifying employment opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as soliciting donations, has made a connection and is therefore meaningful to her as well.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas of how she could help. Otherwise we will just use the information from the flyers, your blog, etc.. We will try to make it to your opening day 11/29,
Thank you and good luck with your new venture! “

Thank you God for people who want to do a mitzvah.