The ups and downs of starting a non-profit business to employ women with autism

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On Monday November 18 I was so excited to submit my certificate of incorporation to New York State (they don’t offer online filing and only offered fax or mail as the way to file).  So, since I don’t have a fax machine, my husband faxed it from his office along with a form that included my credit card information and an authorization for an additional charge to cover a 24 hour turn around.  That meant I should have received my approval on Tuesday.  But Tuesday came and went and so did Wednesday.  I called Wednesday at 4:15 pm and was told by a clerk that they don’t take calls after 4:15 pm – call back tomorrow.  (Starting to sound like the Wizard of Oz).    So I call first thing Thursday morning and after several transfers learned that they rejected my filing because there was no backer.  I ask what is…

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