Just the other day I was at a meeting and I introduced myself to someone who then said “Oh, I know you, I get great information from you!”

I have always been a networker, long before the internet and email, and way before social media made it popular and easy. I like connecting people, and I like sharing information that I think will be valuable to someone else.  I don’t ask for anything in return.  (although flowers and chocolates are always appreciated).

Now I am asking you for something.    I want to meet you all in person.  I know I have never met some of you who are receive emails, follow me on Facebook or Twitter or read my blog, and who have received relevant information from me about autism, other disabilities and special needs, special education, legal and financial issues, government programs and funding, recreation, services and community.   (And I do provide an editorial service – I don’t send you everything that shows up in my email in box.)

This is the ask:  we need your help to raise funds for autism research.  and I want you to participate – in person or virtually.

One way to fund raise that is to have a lavish dinner and ask people to spend $500 per person.  Another way is to have a low cost event where most of the money goes to the cause, many people can participate, and at the same time have a social experience. This approach requires lots of participation from a large community.  Well guess what, Allison Singer, president of Autism Science Foundation, has arranged a fabulous event for our community – it is a Zumbia party.  It won’t cost you a lot to participate, you get to socialize, and best, you get to exercise more than your mouth!

YOU are part of our community.  Even if Autism is not your specific “special need” you are still part of our network.  We need you.  And I need to meet you.

So join us for Fun. Fitness. Fundraising. Zumba Mania for autism research
Saturday, April 6  12:30 pm to 3 pm
An event open to all:  any ability, shape, size, experience, age, gender.  It’s all for a good cause.

and you get a FREE water bottle or a tee shirt when you show up!

Register here for Autism Science Foundation ZUMBA-Mania:  http://asfzumbamania.eventbrite.com/#

656 Van Ranst Place
Mamaroneck, NY  (Westchester County)

Learn more about Zumba at Dance2BEFit
Easy to get to from Rt 95, the Merritt Parkway, the Hutchinson Parkway
OR  you can take the train from Grand Central!

come in comfortable clothes for dancing.

More on Facebook here:  http://www.facebook.com/events/129486370561087/

Share with your network on Facebook and Twitter: (copy and paste)

Fun, fitness, fundraising. Join #Zumba Mania on April 6 in Mamaroneck NY to support #autism research http://ow.ly/i0cNX

PS, even if you can’t come,
please make a donation
to support our cause.  Thanks!